Time to revive

Our goal is to help our community revive their mind, body, spirit and lives so you can always be at your best.

Our Mission

Revive started with an idea of helping and impacting more people. My husband Dan owns a gym and he has helped 1000s of people through fitness but we often had conversations about how can we help more people through wellness.

We hear more and more each day about the stresses of life getting on top of people with no outlet to relieve their anxiety or heal from past traumas without seeking professional help.

We looked at the many different therapies that are proven to help people relax, recover, heal and aid in pain management. Having used float therapy in the past and being a regular infrared sauna user we thought we could bring this unique package to Belfast with the aim of helping more and more people.

So when the opportunity arose we decided to jump into it with both feet, we were nervous yet excited, we have started small with the aim in the next 18-24 months of expanding into 3-4 Float pod centres with 4 infrared saunas and a therapy room.

Each week we gain new clients who have an awesome experience and reap the rewards of our float and sauna, we have no doubt that we will continue to grow and educate the community of Belfast on the outstanding benefits of regular floatation and infrared sauna use

Can’t recommend Revive enough the staff are fantastic so friendly and helpful……. Had my first float and what an amazing experience it was I’m in shock I managed to relax and switch off for the whole hour, I just chilled and enjoyed it ! Slept for 8.5 hrs that night and I haven’t slept like that in years just about to book my next one - this form of self care is definitely the way forward , give this a go you won’t regret it

Michelle W.Verified 5-Star Review on Google

Don't wait any longer, experience the benefits of floating for yourself

Our team will be there to answer any further questions and walk you through your first float experience to ensure it exceeds your expectations.